“Growing your business in the digital age”


About Halls Global

 “Growing your business in the digital age”

Our mission at Halls Global Limited is to empower entrepreneurs, startups and small/medium sized companies to grow their business in the digital age. We do this by offering the latest business, digital marketing and communication strategies and tools to help our clients succeed in the highly competitive and increasingly global marketplace.

If you are an entrepreneur, involved in a startup or manage part of a business, we would love to help you. Connect with us and learn how we can:

  • Provide comprehensive digital marketing services
  • Build your communication capabilities and develop communication strategies to achieve your business objectives
  • Provide business consulting services
  • Manage book and content publishing services
  • Provide music services

Amy Cheung and Dave Halls are the founders and directors of Halls Global Limited. Together they have 40+ years’ experience working with numerous small, medium and large organisations across various industries.

In particular: IT, Telecommunications, Education, Financial, Health, Government, Digital, Medical and Music industries. They have deep domain expertise in consulting, training, digital sales and marketing strategies, business communication, business transformation, change management, and music.

Contact Halls Global today to help your business grow and excel.