Building your marketing strategies around the 3 Cs

Looking for a simple way to market your business?

Create, capture and convert is a simple way to think of the activities you need to do when marketing your new business or venture.

But how can you leverage this as part of your online business strategy?

First things first.

Let’s assume that you’ve started your business, you have a product or service to sell and you wish to reach your sales goals through digital marketing.

A simple but effective strategy to sell a product should include creating traffic, capturing leads and converting these to sales.
I would therefore ask myself what I am doing to:

  • Create traffic
  • Capture leads
  • Capture leads

For example:

  • I am creating traffic by writing an SEO friendly article for my blogs that will rank well in google and draw people to my web site. Alternatively, I am buying solo ads that will take potential buyers to my lead capture page.
  • I am capturing leads by offering Web site visitors a free report in exchange for their email address.
  • I am converting sales by having an amazing lead capture page that I send my leads to. Or, I am converting sales by sending out a series of ten auto-responder emails designed to convince the reader that my product or service is the best answer, solution or information for their situation right now.

If you’re reading this and thinking that this is pretty simple, you’re right. But the funny thing is people often don’t apply this.

Let me suggest two things you should be doing with this approach that a lot of people don’t do but later ask what they did wrong:

  1. Cover all bases
  2. Act and revise

Covering all bases

It’s natural that you might find one of the three Cs easier to do than another. A lot of people do. And so they focus on doing a great job on one or two Cs but miss out on the other.

If you create great traffic, capture some great leads – but don’t have anything in place to convert your leads to sales … how likely are you going to get sales?

If you’re great at capturing leads and converting them, but have no initial traffic …what’s the point?

If you’re great at getting traffic and converting leads, but can’t capture the leads – how likely are you to get sales?

Make sure that you have a strong action plan working for each of the three Cs. If you’re weak at one of these, become strong at it or outsource a person who makes it work.

The three Cs work together in sequence like finely oiled cogs in a machine. Take one out and you’ve got a problem.

Act and revise

You will always need to create traffic, capture leads and convert sales. However, there will always be different ways of doing this over time.

For example, using FaceBook to capture traffic works really well right now – but this may change some time later. There might be a new social media outlet that is better than FaceBook at capturing traffic. Or you may not be using the method effectively.

Firstly you need to apply a method to achieve the “C” that you’re doing. Then you need to regularly review your method for achieving this and adjust if necessary.

The three Cs are like a blueprint for what you need to be doing to make money through your digital business. You need to be applying a reliable method to achieve each of these (covering all bases) to be successful. And rather than giving up because one doesn’t work, find another method to achieve whichever “C” isn’t working.

This is an essential strategy for marketing your new business.

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