8 out of 10 Businesses fail (Forbes 12 Sep 2013). 96% of businesses fail within 10 years ( Such a large proportion of businesses fail each year because they do not cover all bases. For example, some might be strong on marketing but weak on product definition and operations. Others may be strong on operations and products but weak with their marketing.

Halls Global understands all the elements of a successful business that you need to have running concurrently. And we can assess your business to see areas that you may have missed or need to improve to push your business to the next level. We have deep domain expertise in business consulting, digital sales and marketing strategies, business transformation, change management and innovative business growth strategies. We then offer a simplified path to fine tune your business so that it is optimised for success.

We work with all sorts of businesses. From startups, entrepreneurs, mid sizes business through to corporate & government organisations.

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Communication is a powerful tool that many businesses fail to use in achieving their objectives. And this costs them BIG time. Research shows that companies lose billions of dollars due to poor communication.

And many projects fail because of poor communication. The flipside to this is that when a business embraces communication as a strategic tool for realising their business objectives, success follows.

Halls Global can assess your business for its communication maturity. We’ll then map out a path to develop and grow your communication capacity so that it aligns and supports your company’s success.

Halls Global also equips executives and professionals to communicate more effectively in all communication medium, which is based on the university validated Bullseye! methodology by Dave Halls. This is done through training and coaching. The Bullseye! communication methodology will revolutionise the way you achieve your business results through getting the right message to the right audience.

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The first thing people interact with when they look at your website, brochures, videos or content is the messaging. Which comes from the copywriting.

Great copy is critical to your marketing and branding success. Poor copy can turn your prospects off or give your great services an average look and feel.

Halls Global specialises in creating content strategies to build your company’s presence and generate leads. It also specialises in helping you create your messaging and enshrine it in compelling copy that speaks to your customers and clients.

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Halls Global offers a comprehensive digital marketing service.

Our strengths include digital marketing strategy, identifying your ideal customer avatar, articulating your unique value proposition, and establishing a strong online presence that attracts your ideal customers.

We provide a range of digital marketing services: Content marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Lead generation, Conversion optimisation, Sales funnel development, Website development.

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According to the latest HubSpot State of Inbound Report 2016, the biggest marketing and sales challenge that organisations face is how to generate traffic (65% of the research respondents). This is consistent with our experience at Halls Global.

Halls Global provides a range of lead generation services to solve this challenge for our clients. We offer email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing services, ATL, BTL, direct mail, and online advertising services.

Besides lead generation, we use the latest proven strategies and tools to convert leads into sales.

We believe happy and satisfied customers are the main reasons a company excels. We use a proven methodology that guides our clients’ customers from one time to repeat customers.

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Halls Media publishes practical content to help individuals develop their skills for building, growing and excelling in their business This includes the best selling book by Dave Halls Bullseye! – Getting the RIGHT message to the RIGHT audience and the associated online video courses.

Halls Media also produces musical albums such as Dave Halls’ Burning TimeandWalking Home albums.

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Most people agree that music is an essential part of life. Whether it is entertaining, supporting the action of your favourite movie or TV show, helping you to buy something in an advertisement, or simply setting the right vibe at a party or venue… music is an essential part of our lives.

Halls Global provides live music performance, recording and original music composition services. It originated from one of Halls Global directors Dave Halls’ professional experience as a musician, composer, band leader and music producer.

If you would like to hire a live band for an event, record your advertising music theme or compose your own branded music, please contact us. We will make it a musical reality for you.

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