Did you know that 9 out of 10 startups fail?*

One major reason is that startups doesn’t know how to create the right product and align it for the ideal market.

Another reason is that they don’t have all the right pieces in place for a successful operation.

For example, it’s great to get lots of customers – but if you don’t have a payment gateway to receive payments you can’t make money. If you don’t have solid processes in place, the chances of handling increased demand is limited. Without a robust infrastructure to deliver your products or services you can upset your customers quickly.

Yet it is hard to get all the pieces to operate effectively together.

Halls Global offers entrepreneurs and startups a range of services to make sure you have the right pieces tuned up ready for a successful entry into the market and sustainable business growth. This includes:

  • Business strategy
  • Business Demand generation
  • Setting up your operations
  • Developing your communication strategy and your key messaging eg investor pitch, value propositions, story telling to paint startups vision, persuasion & influencing skills etc.
  • Developing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy and implementing it
  • Providing demand generation
  • Developing a content strategy and copywriting services
  • Business consulting around strategy, company structure, resourcing, outsourcing and more

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Entrepreneurs magazine identified communication, personal and business branding, sales, strategy and finance as the top 5 skillsets an entrepreneur needs for success.

But not all entrepreneurs have all these skillsets. They may be strong in some but not in others. A great communicator but poor financial manager. A great strategist but with poor branding.

Halls Global has the experiences and services to help entrepreneur to fill the skill gaps. For instance:

  • Working with you to build a strong, congruent personal and business brand
  • Developing world class communication skills at all levels using our university validated communications methodology
  • Developing winning business & marketing strategies
  • Helping you make business systems, processes and resources to operate efficiently and effectively

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There are lots of elements to a business. Product development, operations, marketing, communications, infrastructure and a whole lot more.

Then there is the challenge of attracting and keeping skilled and trusted people talent. You will be looking each year to grow revenue and profitability whilst increasing shareholder values, market share and customer numbers. All the time creating operational cost efficiencies and maintaining good customer service.

Halls Global can help you through this by:

  • Developing communication strategies and tactics to promote company value propositions, increase staff morale, support change strategies
  • Provide business consulting with strategies for growth, M & A, partnerships and more
  • Develop and implement powerful digital marketing solutions
  • Provide demand generation services
  • Develop and implement content strategies and copywriting
  • Provide country entry strategies for businesses expanded over the national border

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